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At Domino's at Moselle, we offer you the best in pizza delivery and beyond! Our pizza is the best in the business, giving with tons of ways to customize your pizzaand delivering them directly to you! Meat-lovers and vegetarians alike can find something delicious on the Domino's menu. And we deliver more than just pizza in your area. We have meal choices like saucy penne pasta bowls and chicken, as well as sides like stuffed cheesy bread and dipping sauces, and desserts like our sweet Cinna Stix®. Why the wide selection? Simply put, we pride ourselves on our ability to bring you quality.

To top it all off, we go beyond a great menu to make it incredibly easy to order from our store! Just give your location a call, use our website to order, or download the Domino's app to your smartphoneand order en route.

Since we have over 9,000 stores throughout more than 70 countries, we understand the value of good customer service and high quality. With the ability to order online, a smartphone ordering app, and over 34 million different ways to create your pizza, we strive to make your order just right.

At Domino's, you'll find something for everyone! Our menu is made to satisfy every craving, from sweet to savory. With your choice of sizes, crusts, sauces, dipping sauces, and dozens of toppings, your pizza creation will be totally customized. And Domino's has more than just pizza! Choices of pasta, sandwiches, breads, chicken, and dessert are all available in the area. Whether you want to order from us near Cosmetology College of Franklin County or you want to place an order near St. Clair Jr. High or by St. Clair High, think Domino's. With specials running all the time, your neighborhood Moselle Domino's is dedicated to bringing you the best. Click, call, or come in and see us today!

Find a Job at Your 940 Plaza Dr Domino's Pizza

Want to explore the job options your 940 Plaza Dr Domino's has to offer? At Domino's, we offer jobs of all kinds to the Saint Clair area, whether you're looking to jump-start your career or just make a little extra dough! Whether working as a pizza chef or store manager, working in customer service representation or delivering pizza, Domino's is all about diverse prospects for our team members. Part-time and full-time employees alike are part of a company that puts quality and fun first - not just for the brand, but for the dedicated team members, too. Delivery drivers are far from bored - with a fun crew, different tasks, a flexible schedule, and listening to your own jams in the car while you deliver, being a Domino's driver is an awesome way to make some extra cash! Another perk? Domino's develop-from-within approach starts with team members like the drivers - delivering could lead to owning a franchise. Whether you want to earn some extra cash as a delivery driver or work toward a manager position, Domino's provides the possibilities. When you begin a career with Domino's, you join a team of individuals dedicated to creating the best work atmosphere and delivering the best pizza in Saint Clair. That's because Domino's is committed to excellence and quality in every aspect of its operation. We stand by our company values, which emphasize the importance of every team member in contributing to the success of each store.

Interested in a place at the Domino's Pizza table? We'd love to have you! Fill out an application to find a job at your local Domino's store and see how your 940 Plaza Dr Domino's can jump-start your new career.

Locally owned and operated since 1997!

940 Plaza Dr, Unit A , Saint Clair, MO63077

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Mon-Thu: 10:30 a.m. to 12 a.m.
Fri-Sat: 10:30 a.m. to 1 a.m.
Sun: 10:30 a.m. to 12 a.m.
(636) 629-2929

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  • Need a fundraiser? Posted November 11, 2013

    We are accepting inquiries from organizations that are looking to raise funds through our Dough Raiser Night program.

    The Dough Raiser Night program is a pre-determined night where the sponsoring organization will be eligible to receive a percentage of sales made that night! This is a great, fun, and easy way to raise money for your organization because all you do is tell your friends and family to order pizza that night for lunch or dinner!

    If your organization, or you know an organization that may be interested in this fundraising opportunity, please contact the store by phone, e-mail or visiting after 2:00 p.m. any day of the week!

    Visit us in-store at 940 A Plaza Drive, St. Clair, MO (the shopping center across from Dollar General)
    Our phone number is (636) 629 2929
    Our e-mail is

    We look forward to your inquiry!

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